We provide host family/home stay accommodation for student groups and individuals coming to the UK for educational reasons.

We offer a large network of high quality host family/homestay accommodation across the UK offering placements of 2-4 students per family. Our host families are carefully selected. They must comply with our high standards, safeguarding and health and safety regulations.

Host Family accommodation is the best way for students groups and individuals to enjoy educational trips on a budget. It combines a sense of security - being with a host family is reassuring for both students and their parents as it provides a home away from home - with first hand British cultural experience gained from living with a host family in the UK. It also offers:

Full English Language Immersion:  Students are able to apply and practice what they have learnt at school and learn new words with their host family. Being fully immersed in an English speaking family encourages the guest/student to practice their English outside of the classroom while living in a homely environment.  It also encourages the shyer students to open up and speak. Our host families are friendly, very patient and accommodating.  They are always willing to help students improve their spoken English.

Value for money:  No other form of accommodation can provide a full board accommodation at such a low price. This worry-free choice includes: 

•           Bed & Breakfast, Packed lunch & hot dinner
•           To be made to feel welcome,  comfortable & safe
•           Access to communal areas
•           To have a door key (for ages 16+)
•           One laundry service per week (n/a to mini stay)
•           Clean linen every week

Special Requirements
With advance notice, we can cater to most types of special dietary requirements in addition to allergies and preferences.

Experience UK Homestay specialises in group and educational tours. We know that most, if not all school groups travel on a tight budget. Our 15 plus years in the sector enables us to offer quality homestay accommodation at unbeatable prices.  


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